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The TED Center is a non-profit organization that supports the successful development of entrepreneurs, small companies, and start up businesses. The TED Center offers an array of business support resources and services that are coordinated through strategic management and a network of contacts. The services are developed to increase the likelihood that small and start-up companies will remain in business for the long term.

The TED Center staff is devoted to assisting entrepreneurs, particularly in those vital initial stages of development by identifying opportunities and partnerships; staying abreast of industry trends; and providing instruction, training, and technical support. By offering direct business assistance, such as website development, the creation of collateral material, marketing and public relations, and financial management services, The TED Center addresses key business challenges that often stifle the growth and success of new companies.

For more than two decades, the TED Center prides itself as being a management consulting non-profit organization committed to helping organizations and small businesses tackle these tough issues. We provide comprehensive solutions to the complex problems facing organizations by working directly with these organizations and businesses to help them meet their most critical challenges. 

The TED Center understands the challenge in achieving economic sufficiency for new and existing businesses. Guiding, directing, training, and mentoring are customized solutions to meet the needs of the small business arena. We provide services and resources to businesses that address the “real” or the perceived issues and challenges facing businesses today. The TED Center will work with partners and associations to help train, guide, lead, mentor and share principles for participants to build their businesses and markets. 

The TED Center’s success depends to the success of its business clients. The Center has an aggressive outreach program to market and promote the programs and services offered. Presentations are made to civic organizations, churches, and any organization that may have prospective clients.  As potential clients are identified staff will meet with these individuals to further educate them about the incubator benefits.  
The TED Center is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation
The Center for Technology
Enterprise & Development, Inc
The Center for Technology
Enterprise & Development, Inc

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The TED Center is one of south Florida’s most trusted sources of business innovation and Information technology standards. Based on our vision and mission, we are committed to promoting economic growth through dialog among corporations, government, community organizations and the small business arena. 

For more than the past two decades, the TED Center has been committed to ensuring the successful development, evolution, and use of strategic business practices to promote economic growth throughout south Florida. The TED Center continues to serve the needs of the growing south Florida business community, through supportive services, organizing events and creating opportunities that inform and support business startups, expansion and growth companies.

This is a special milestone for the TED Center, not only to reflect on our past, but also to look ahead to the future and the impact that we can have through our collective efforts to ensure that we continue to thrive. We look forward to continued collaborations to promote the businesses of today for the generations to follow.Reflecting on this significant milestone, we have shared a passion for the good that the business support can bring, and it is our hope for the future that everyone will have access to available, reliable, and professional services. In conjunction with our 25-year anniversary, the TED Center will launch a series of initiatives to focus attention on the evolution of the opportunities and challenges that will have a profound impact on its future.

Through the loyalty of our clients and the support of our business partners and sponsors, the TED Center is delighted to celebrate its 25th anniversary. We would like to thank our network of contracted consultants and instructors, business partners, industry affiliates, and the local community for supporting us and our mission to eliminate employment barriers. We are thrilled to be celebrating success and innovation as we look forward to continuing to provide professional services and business support for many years to come

In conclusion, we like to thank our funders, founders and early stage leaders, as well as our business community of members, the Board of Directors, and staff who have all worked so hard to support our mission.