The Center for Technology, Enterprise & Development, Inc. is an economic development agency that transforms communities through collaborative partnerships and educational programs. The Center delivers its services within three distinct programs: Technology, Women's Business Center and Business Incubation. Incorporated in October 1992 as a not-for-profit organization, the Center strives to improve communities by applying innovative economic development strategies. The TED Center Business Incubator is a multi-tenant facility with associated programs and services designed to improve the viability and strength of small businesses and serve the economic development role of creating new jobs.

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Phase I:  DIAGNOSIS - We get to know the client, identify problems, determine their causes from data gathered via observations, interviews, surveys, focus groups and documents.
Phase II:  STRATEGY - We research best practices, locate resources, coordinate and facilitate open discussions when analyzed, generate solutions.
Phase III:  IMPLEMENTATION - We coordinate activities, prepare materials, design, develop and revise programs, policies & procedures and measure progress.

Phase IV:  ASSESSMENT - We assess the project/program results and if necessary make adjustments.
OUR MISSION To foster community empowerment by revitalizing and promoting business opportunities which ensure economic growth and development in neighborhoods throughout South Florida.

OUR GOAL To actively empower youth and adults with skills and knowledge that will afford then the opportunity for a meaningful and rewarding life, by providing the tools to create innovations of tomorrow. 

OUR APPROACH We are an organization that prides itself on innovation and implementing novel ideas and strategies--however, our success is rooted in our fundamental four-phase approach.
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The Center for Technology
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The Center for Technology
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