The TED Center Business Incubator is a multi-tenant facility with associated programs and services designed to improve the viability and strength of small businesses and serve the economic development role of creating new jobs.
The Business Incubator Program provides:

   Rental space
   Shared office support services
   Professional consultation
   Access to management / technical assistance
   Computer training
   Job creation and entrepreneurial education workshop.
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The TED Center’s Incubation Program nurtures budding community entrepreneurs from the beginning business idea until they can become financially viable, fully operational and a creator of new jobs in the community. In a sense, we serve as an economic development agency for micro-business entrepreneurs. Our Target Area includes diverse communities throughout the entire Palm Beach County region. The Incubator Program encourages small companies to locate within our target area creating more jobs for the local economy.

Our “One Stop Shop” Model provides nearly every service from soup to nuts services for emerging businesses, so they can succeed on their own. The services include – low cost office rentals, technical assistance, shared office support services, professional consultations, entrepreneurial training workshops, computer skills training, bookkeeping services and materials specifically designed to meet their particular needs. Approximately 35 training seminars and workshops were conducted during the past year involving more than 400 entrepreneurs that represent more than a 35% increase from the previous fiscal year. 

Our monthly Networking Events continue to be a constant positive presence for our members and other members of the community interested in the TED Center and its services. Attendance has grown for each event, and new memberships are regularly started at each session. Clients make numerous contacts which they use later to enhance their businesses.

The Business Incubator Program continues to provide quality technical assistance, to include financial literacy and business plan development, in addition to market research services. 

Business owners and residents of the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency District are eligible to receive subsidized business incubator services through the TED Center’s program.

Eligible business incubation services include:

   Office Space Rental
   Incorporation Services
   Fictitious Name Registration
   Business Plans
   Marketing Plans
   Graphic Design Services
   Website Design
To provide a network of business support resources and services to small and start-up businesses in Palm Beach County.
The Center for Technology
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The Center for Technology
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