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Need MONEY $$$... To Start a Business
Need MONEY $$$… To Move Your Idea Forward
Need MONEY $$$…To Expand A Business

Presentations to funders occur Quarterly at the TED Center

We are launching a program that pairs entrepreneurs & companies looking for funding with Micro-Lenders, Commercial Lenders, Angel Investors and Venture Capital Investors through member only presentation sessions. (range of funding = $1,000 up to $25 million).

Complete the application online at The TED Center’s website (www.TEDcenter.org).  In addition to completing the application, the executive summary of your business plan should be attached, just follow the directions.

Note: There is an application processing fee which is determined by the requested level of funding due at time of submission.

Pre-Screening When a completed application and executive summary is received by TED Center staff, it will be reviewed for completeness and you will receive an electronic confirmation of receipt.  The pre-screening will eliminate applications that are incomplete, don't meet the organization's minimum requirements (all fields in the application completed), or does not comply with the investing preferences of the funders (unique per funder).

Screening Once an application has been accepted for review, a group of staff and committee members will review and further define the opportunity. If the applicant passes muster at this stage, the information will be forwarded to the funders in this category for review.  If a minimum of (1) funder requests additional information regarding the application, the applicant will be invited to give a 10 minute presentation at the TED Center where the funder(s) will be present.

Funding Meeting The applicant is invited to make his or her pitch at a meeting of interested funders in their category.  (This meeting will be scheduled and held at The TED Center, 401 W Atlantic Avenue, Suite 9, Delray Beach Florida. Applications needs to be completed and reviewed 30 days prior to presentation.
A question-and-answer session follows the applicant’s presentation, if interest is expressed by a Funder, a copy of your full business plan may be requested.  This should be available at the presentation.

Due Diligence The funder is responsible for conducting a thorough check on you and your business. The objective is to validate the business plan, including the management team, market opportunity and amount of funding required versus requested.

Answer to important questions:

Who should apply?

Entrepreneur who has developed a product or service and needs funding for further development or commercialization.  Business owner looking to expand or grow a business. 

Can slides be used during the presentation?

You are encouraged to use slides.  You must be able to communicate the value of the business opportunity within 10 minutes or less.  10 – 15 slides are the general norm.  The focus should not only be on the product and service but also on the business including the management team, target market, competitive analysis, and how the funds will be used.

Will the TED Center help/support with developing a business plan and/or presentation?

The short answer is yes…for members of the TED Center.  There is a charge for non members.  Details regarding membership can be found at www.TEDcenter.org/membership

What does the application processing fee cover?

TED Center staff will assist your company with:
-Feedback on your business plan executive summary
-Coaching on your presentation
-Forwarding of your application to potential funders in your category
-Coordination and scheduling of a 10 minute presentation if requested by a funder

We recognize that many well thought out ideas, products, and services are “stuck” and not moving forward because of the lack of sufficient funds.  The TED Center is creating the opportunity to introduce projects, programs, and businesses to potential funding/financing sources. 

The TED Center is not a financial lender or funder.  Our role is specifically focused on being the enabler or conduit of introductions for those seeking funds and those who potentially have funds to lend.

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