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Hardware experts
The Technology Department of The TED center has you as the client in mind. Not only will we suggest a Web page to successfully convey your business statement, but we'll also install, upgrade and set up your computer equipment. We will also work with you to implement a business computer solution to fit your needs. This eliminates unnecessary purchases and setups and also makes sure you get enough technology to suit your needs.

Computer Repair
Our qualified technicians have years of computer technology experience. Just bring in your computer. We determine if it is repairable or not or if it only needs an upgrade. We are not here to sell you software or hardware you don't need. We don't work on commission. Rest assured your computer will leave working perfectly.

Computer Restoration
In this day and age, a computer WILL get infected by either a virus and or spyware. New viruses appear daily. The majority of infections occur due to out of date virus software programs. Our Tech Department not only finds the problem, but sets up your computer to prevent further infection.

Spyware Removal
Just about everyone on the internet wants your money and they will cram you with ads, emails, and popup pages that not only take control of your computer but install third party programs without your knowledge and slow your system to a crawl. Don't throw your computer out the window! Bring it to us and let us remove your spyware and help prevent it from showing up in the future.

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Connecting Women to
Small Business Resources
   With a simple RAM upgrade and an Ethernet card, an older machine can be turned into a great kids Internet terminal.
   If you have a newer machine (600 MHz or above) with the dreaded Windows ME operating system, your computer may        be a candidate for an XP or Windows 2000 OS upgrade.
   Do you want specialized hardware? - Like an external/internal storage drive, a new DVD reader/writer drive or a top of the      line video card - but you are not sure it is worth installing on a older or even newer machine.

We can provide valuable advice and assistance.
Are you purchasing a new computer? Don't you need your data and settings moved from your old machine to your new machine? Don't take this simple task to the computer store, because they will charge you by the megabyte!
We can build you a totally customized computer to fit all your needs. Don't take a “one size fits all” computer that is going to be either obsolete or not able to fit your needs after you open the box and realize you really got what you paid for.

   Did you invest thousands of dollars on computers for your small business or home office?
   Do you sometimes feel you are not getting the most out of your investment?

We provide residential and small business computer networking, consulting and installation services.
Let us help you maximize your investment through several networking and application solutions to improve your communications and productivity. Get the most out of your existing hardware and software with a comprehensive office network solution, whether it's for a small, home-based business or small office.
Our clients receive expert installation, proven networking products, knowledgeable and responsive technical support.
Our goal is to help you get the most out of your existing investment in your home and business computers and your DSL or Cable Modem broadband Internet connection. We specialize in bringing the benefits of high-speed broadband connections to the entire home and office.
Our expert installations are guaranteed! We provide telephone and on-site support.
Computer Upgrades
Do you want to do more with your existing machine, but not sure how to do it? Are you unsure whether an upgrade is worth the money?
We can provide you with advice and assistance on all your upgrade questions and help with a variety of software and hardware upgrades, for example:
We provide residential and small business computer networking, consulting and installation services.
The Center for Technology
Enterprise & Development, Inc
The Center for Technology
Enterprise & Development, Inc